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Flowing in Pure Purpose




Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones…

So in the midst of my morning routine I got to thinking how we must train our minds to follow protocol to that which is necessary to our mind, body and spirit. Just as wee ones, little children we are programmed that in the morning you wash up, brush your teeth, have your breakfast and thus your day begins… Then you have night time routine of finish your chores, do your homework and say your prayers and off the sleepville you go.  It is important that we maintain these same principles in the continual cycle of adulthood. Only difference is, you must customize the practices you apply and do it like clockwork that it had to be done in order for you to accurately and successfully flow with your day.

With an array of schedules and to do task that build by the second we sometimes get off track or skip a beat.  But what I have found to be the balance is when you lock into that routine it sets the pace and tone of your mental and emotional reaction to the occurrences of your day as they play out of life’s big screen.  Soooooooooo I encourage you to strategize an active prayer life, rather you get on your knees, or pray in bed, or scripts prayers at night in a prayer journal or simply just roam around your house having an open conversation with GOD like you are speaking to a homegirl or homeboy.  Map out some quiet time just to soak up the essence of sweet solitude.  Meditate and rest your body and still your mind.  For most this is a tedium task as we are on go mode so much we neglect to just rest.  Still your mind and shut the power off and let all thoughts slowly run out and through your fingers, freeing you of worry, deadlines, to-do’s and etc.  Listen to your breath and feel your heart beat.  Now smile and thank GOD for that right there, that’s life and he is blowing your being with “life.” Now as you continue breathing any morsel of worry blow it out as if you are blowing out a fire quietly.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Take some time to sip on some tea and let the healing herbs lubricate you.  Listen to your favorite record or cd and dance freely and live in that moment.  This is becoming one with self, enjoying self and loving self…

Upon customizing your routine, begin to do it daily and don’t beat yourself up if you skip a beat, it has to be learned before mastered.  Also just as you pray and prepare yourself to start your day and step outside your home, just as you wash your hands before breaking bread, keep your mind and spirit cleansed to be in tune and to flow consciously and intuitively.  In every simple task is a lesson, just embrace the blessing of truly innerstanding the grand concept and lesson that is being taught.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Bowl of Life




Peace & Grace to you my lovely and beautiful ones….

We must never ignore the mere important factor of life and living.  We sometimes indirectly get entangled in the loops, swirls and tug of war that routine and life’s situations brings us.  BUT we must never ever ignore the important of simply “living”.  This thing called “life” is so precious and just as breath being carefully and intricately blown in that shell of your mortal body, it can be swiftly or gradually taken away.  I have a vision of a goldfish when it’s taken from the bowl.  He gasps and his gills are moving and constricting for air for that moisture and struggles to find that sweet pleasure of breath.  If he is not quickly placed back in, he flips around and gradually inhales and exhales slowly and as that tempo declines he succumbs.  But if he is placed in that water in time, we just whisp right along with the waves of the water and flows in his motion.  For that pure motion, give thanks.  The tempos may vary at times and sometimes that dry air and constriction to push through may be a tedium journey, but just push through to swift through the great bowl of life and living… Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Respiration of Resilience




Peace & Grace To You My Beautiful Ones…

The power within the human spirit is majestically miraculous.  We sometimes unknowingly ignore and don’t realize the strength that abides deep in the fibers of our beings.  True now, we all inhabit different levels of strength, but that depends on your faith magnitude intertwined with the maturation of your mind and character as a person.  But there is something amazingly authentic when you recognize your strengths are greater than your weaknesses and that you not only rise above adversity but you thrive in truth and tenacity.  If you reciprocate the plantings of purposeful seeds in your garden of life, you shall continually ingest the grandness of your garden of virtue as you respirate your resilience. Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.  Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

For The Sake of Savory Sacred Sense



Peace & Grace to You Beautiful Ones…

What is your concocted elixir that you conjure up that gives you true resilience to stand tall and walk in the face and forces of adversity fearlessly? Do stir spices of different virtues, add different measurements of peace, persistence and agility? Do you pour in the pure properties of the strength that resides within with extra pinches on wisdom that you ingested from elders and aunties and uncles along the way? Last but not least, do you allow your creation to bake, broil or simmer and cook slow to ensure the savory spirit of divine guidance that lifts as scented steam from dishes you delight in?  Just as that steam fills your nostrils so should it lubricate your inner woman or inner man… Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.

Ignorance T’aint Bliss Baby





Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones…..

Ignorance is not bliss nor is foolishness tolerable nor should it be a realm one is willing to conform to or take a part in.  Never adopt the funky foolishness of others or their ways of thinking to adapt.  Be the wise being you were deemed to be.  Always live in your truth, keep it 100% at all times and never lick the sap of converting or conforming to what is not within you or who the best of what “you” are within.

Love & Blessings to you, you, and you Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL”D.

Debugging The Defaults in Life




Great Morning, Grand Rising, Bidding you bountiful blessings on this new day….

With much up rise of drama, chaos, adversity, struggles and oh my, the list could matriculate endlessly, we must soak in some solitude to take inventory, critically analyze the aspects of the going on’s in life in general and in our personal lives.  For many this road is full of peril and problematic concerns that alter life and living.  The abundance of a conglomeration of positive reading, thinking, mingling with those that sprinkle insight and broader perspectives and shed a brighter light on things is one action to take.  Listening to and only feeding your mind and spirit with the grander of upliftment vs. the gutter of darkness, gloom and infinite queries of what if’s, why’s and how come’s.  The approach of application just as an overload of a computer system to power down and simply begin again from the start, fresh and renewed.  We must implement an instant strategy of defragging and debugging the stresses of our lives and end the stage of ritualistic default mode.  BREATHE, REGROUP and REBOOT Shugas and clasp the compass on conscious and Divine direction and stability.  Control your mind with placing all faith in the Most High, Alternate the funk of failure for a fullness of fortitude and favor to guide you through the journey and Delete the factors that derail you from flourishing, furthering your road to grand greatness and most of all the journey of embracing joy and the pure pricelessness of PEACE. Love & Blessings to you, you, you and and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Treading One Breath At a Time


Peace & Grace Beautiful Ones,

It is has been sometime, since I allowed myself to truly flow in a blog format.  This blog is a personal expression of truth and not only being transparent with the readers, but looking in the mirror and claiming what is mine and what I declare to be mine and shall being living- My Life.    It is my hope that someone reading this will be encouraged to release and be true to self and within your inner self and begin the work of beginning anew.  I started a personal spiritual cleanse 13 days ago and so much has and is being revealed to me.  Although I did not set a specific number of days, I have made up my mind to continue until I am directed that it has come to an end.  It is something astonishing as well as comforting yet awe of thanks when things begin to be seen in the colors for which they truly are.  The journey continues…


Falling asleep having a two way and even three way ongoing conversation with my thoughts.  Upon the brink of a brand new day and a plethora of endless confirmations and enlightenments, it is incredibly apparent that change must occur and it is imperative that it begin immediately.  We read of stories, view films and know of the concept all too well, of folks living their lives and not living or TRULY living for themselves.   Way across the map from where we reside there are those whose lives are planned from them even before they step their first steps of life and speak their first words.  Planned marriages heirs to run fortunes and lands and inherited not only royal titles but the responsibility of carrying on in the name of which your birthright is.  While here in the land of what they claim is free and home of the brave, we the silent some, experience some of the same traditions in a flip of matters.  It may not be verbally stated and amended that our destiny is charted by others, but the truth of the matter is, our lives are dictated by some family members, jobs we loathe to live and survive while the very thing we thrive for and that gives us breath, indirectly asphyxiates.

When one is smothered and held, one suffocated.   Therefore, if you allow the pressures and demands and expectancies that are placed upon you to take over, you along with your greatest dreams, aspirations and passions will lose breath and the fog of confusion and resentment will consume you on your path that you can barely see at all.  Somehow the endless prayers fanning  affront me as windshield wipers are my faith to believe that perhaps I can live MY own life and inhabit some happy along the way.  While dually I am gearing up the defrosted of reminders that I have worth and that what is within me doesn’t have to shelter from taking yet another leap and traveling in a different direction than what is expected of me.

Crossroads present themselves in one’s life one or more times. I have found out and am finding out, that one has to pay careful attention to the road signs, listen to the voice within (the sacred and divine path of intuitiveness and spiritual discernment) that is.  Sometimes one must drive slowly with caution, at other times, one must proceed swiftly and continue on the path.  I am reminded of the poem of Robert Frost, The Road Less Traveled.  I am eager to travel that very path, because the path for which has multiple prints, I see mine nowhere and I truly feel it’s time for a different path.  An ultimate refusal I tell you resides within me, to be that of those singing chorales of shoulda, coulda, wouldas and utterly being disappointed in themselves and not at peace within the choices of settlement and being plagued by obligation and sacrifice than to be free and simply LIVE.

Peace & Grace, Love & Blessings

Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.