Mirroring Motives



Peace & Grace to you My Beautiful & Lovely Ones….

Drama class and big top tents hosting circus acts are not the only venues of many faces.  Happy faces, sad faces, confused faces, angry faces, blah faces, and well you get the picture… I got to thinking about your circles of friends and family.  Me, myself, I am forever fine tuning my circle and seems like the older I get, the smaller my circle becomes.  But my wisdom makes my circle more tightly intricate woven with each stitch and purpose in my life.  And through the years or as the world has and will forever continue to turn the many faces that folks show to you and reveal more clearly who they truly are becomes quite evident.  I got to thinking about the mirrors in the circus fun houses.  As a child it’s fun and entertaining but as an adult the irony of those same mirrors are the perplex spirits of those folks elude through the shapes, sizes and images just as that mirror, irregular not unique.  As you stroll along this big tent of life that walk can be filled with side show oddities, attractions of life altering abilities and talents.  Be aware though of the clowns and costume attraction.  Smiles are not always those that are sincere and with greetings and the costumes hide the truth temporary.  Stay in tune and fine tune your circles and environments in which you mingle.  Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSoul” D.



Dancing To The Drum~ Your Tune



Peace & & Grace to each of you my Lovely  Shugas.

We all have at one time or another heard the saying, “ she/he moves to the beat of his/her own drum”.  Yes, yes of course you have.  It can san sometimes come from a certain perspective depending on the specificity of the example being discussed.  But it is in fact quite very very true my dear.  Some persons have great rhythm and some lack it while some it comes and goes depending upon the drummer and the quality of the percussion, metaphorically speaking.  However, we all step to a different beat and some may step with a band, some may step with just a piano and bass accompanying them.  But regardless when you find your true tune, you carefully just glide to a tempo that flows with your specific element at the time.   So you wonder, “my oh my” what am I saying, as your eyes scroll these words.  Haha… Shuga you methodology of life, dealing and just simply being is custom made, tailored to what works for you… Doesn’t matter how, as long as your viability is sustained and you are continually ingesting peace and understanding.  Most of all comfortably in the you that resides in the mass od clay the Most High molded and continues to structure.  Even though your composition may be incredibly different does not mean, it’s not a masterpiece.  Love & Blessings to you, you , you and you. Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.