The Fate of Forgiveness


The Fate of Forgiveness

“When you choose to forgive those who have hurt you, you take away their power” ~Unknown

We all are quite familiar with the conceptual knowledge that forgiveness is not for the person you are forgiving but for you right?  And although this is true, the process of actually formulating your mind and spirit to actively and consciously forgive someone is a tedium task.  It is not one that comes over night nor does it come with a brush of a cool breeze. Truth be told it can take long spans of time. In some cases you may even have to have certain levels of forgiveness or go back and forgive again.  When wounds are reopened and the remembrance of situations that you pushed so incredibly far back that you actually fooled yourself temporarily of forgetting, remind you of the actual occurrence, the salt in the wound aches all over again.  Therefore making it almost impossible to let go and truly release.  In this season of my life I am experiencing a level of adulthood that is requiring me to forgive and let go.  It is quite a challenge because the pain, infinite inquiries and judgement has been a great deal of what has always caused me pain in my life but I am taking steps to release it.  Not that I intentionally desire to hold onto the hurt but because sometimes you will never truly understand or perhaps it is not meant for you to understand but to take the experience for what it was and let it go and not haunt nor control your life and interfere with you truly living and seeing life through the eyes of one that have persisted to overcome one of the greatest adversities.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.

Monique “1MOPoeticSOUL” D.


Realigning Your Life’s Load


Peace & Grace my lovely and beautiful ones…

When we think of balance we immediately should envision a balance beam we used in science classes to provide the clear visual of adding and subtracting the correct and actual amount to its most meticulous factor.  Gazing at the beams as they slid up and down and then that moment when it balances perfectly you felt like you made some unknown discovery.  I have come to realize in life that using that same measure visually to gain clarity in how to apply balance in our lives in imperative. Balance in our friendships, relationships and within our circles and most importantly, with our own selves.  This is a tedium task at times when life takes off with a tight itinerary but it is essential my darlings.  Use the metaphor of doing laundry to look at this balance thing more in depth.  So you know when preparing to do laundry, you must sort colors and whites right. Then you prepare to wash with your desired detergent and cleansing agents, be it vinegar for extra freshness and color richness or baking soda for an extra touch of clean vibrancy.  One you either hang them up on the line or in the dryer.  Upon the drying stage, you prepare to fold and hang up and put away.  Each step is vital and necessary in order to have clean clothes that are still in the quality you purchased. So the care in the process is important as well.  With each step, you have to strategize and implement the next step to move forward until complete.  When we are juggling life and its priorities, wants, needs and desires we must place in the correct order and in fact if it is even needed to the continued maturation of flow of your life and the direction in which you are striving to tread and follow.

We must be aware and conscious to stay in tune knowing when our deeds and assignments have been completed and when it is simply time to move on.  Unknowingly we find ourselves committing to unnecessary tasks and leading devotions to others simply out of sacrifice and for heart’s sake.  The moment you can stand firm on not committing to that which simply does not fit into your life, your schedule, your flow or at times is not for you to be the savior of coming to someone rescue.  This does not declare you a bad person or in fact a non -loyal individual.  It simply declares that you are only one person and you must know your limits and stick to your guns.  I remember there was a time I tried to commit to all my stuff, be there for my family’s stuff, my friend’s stuff and their folks stuff, that I was neglecting my own stuff and you can’t neglect and shun the one you wake up with and go to sleep with from dawn to dusk and see in the mirror-YOU.  Once your time has been put in for that appointed time and for that appoint purpose, then well you assignment at the time is complete and it’s time to clock out and move to the next purposeful/FILLED project and requirement.

A dear poetry sister reminded me, to constantly hydrate when finding and seeking balance.  She was indeed correct on that insight and advice.  That water I tell you will aid in the clarity of what and when you are supposed to be doing for who and where and for how long.  Remain true and in tune with the spirit and with yourself.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you. Monique “1MOPoeticSOUL” D.

Finding Your Light


Peace & Grace beautiful and blessed beings….. 

Here’s a nugget for you to ingest on for a few moments.

“Don’t allow the dim dreadfulness of adversities block out the light of your true purpose”


Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you.

Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.

Deception of Deals for Your Soul


Peace & Grace my dear blessed ones…

Don’t be deceived by the spiritual and positivisms that this now world we live in is truly all about God in the heavens.  The treachery in the minds of those that are lost and praise idol and false entities along with the evil forces that are still very real.  In my continual process of growing and yearning the more to inner-stand this thing called “life”.  To also tap into the spiritual realm that I can connect and converse with God on a level like never before is a great desire and has become a tool of maintaining my sanity and bond with my heavenly father.  All literature that is out there is not fully on the Father, if you know what I mean.  Some codes subliminally present themselves as healthy soul tools and avenue are actual paths to darker corridors than you realize.  Research what you are reading and its origin and if it matches your belief.  Now I am now what you would call a new age spiritual holiness Baptist spiritual being with a Buddhist swirl.  What am I saying, you ask… See I know that God is Abba Father is my heavenly creator and father.   So, therefore, I am Christian, I believe in the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. I also believe in prayer and the power of prayer.  I chant scriptures and some phrases that are crying out to the Lord in the posture of a Buddhist and clench my prayer beads like those is Catholicism as the rosary.  When I have no words, I always have a song in my heart and so, sometimes instead of whailing and crying out to God, I moan and express my spirit through the tunes of Zion.  I am also knowledgeable to know that I am a spiritual being placed on these soils for an earthly experience.  I too know that sometimes, all you can do it fall flat on your face and call on God like your life depends on it and purge your so that your spirit maybe cleansed.  I am learning more and more on this journey of a true believer is to listen to the sacred whispers of the Almighty and that moment you feel your mind and spirit are in tune.  Prime example… Yesterday, I was in thumbing through some books in the bookstore.  Just looking for something to uplift and to also feed the mind while dealing with the ambush of a chaotic day.  Some of the books I realized were geared more towards another religion and some in fact are as bold as black print with title that is simply for those of the underworld.  Right in the mix of the positive and uplifting magazine was one for witches as well.  Be not blinded by the vices of the unholy, the un-Godly and the tricks of the enemy to suck you in.  I immediately was zapped within and moved along and ended up circulating to an uplifting book of humor and truth.  Even in the search, still be aware and fine tune your spiritual tentacles.  A dear sister reminded me that “Spirit is Spirit” and “God is God”.  You must always go back to the basics. One of my fav movies, Eat Love Pray had endless quotes that resonated with me, but one in particular that sits with me and I apply it many times… “God dwells within you as you”.  With that being stated we must listen as he whispers with true clarity and sincerity.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Unapologetically Spirit Driven In Unique Flow


Peace & Grace my lovely and blessed beings….. So I have a practice of scripting my prayers when I feel they are verbally not magnifying my true conversation(s) with God.  In a continual path and journey of perfecting this living thing called life and “inner”standing the definitive of communing and seeking God and treading in truth and fighting faithfully to see in the sacred clarity of this earthly experience as a spiritual being. And so, this began to flow….. thought I would share…

Align thy thoughts and feelings within

To center to sacrecy, peace and wisdom

abolishing negative forces, spirits and beings

Radiate Divine Creator & God Almighty all over this soul, this mold of clay created by you

Lubricate me with peace

saturate me with your spirit


Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you., Monique 1MOpoeticSOUL”D.

The Breaks of it All


Peace & Grace my lovely and precious ones…

So, I got to thinking on my way to work of the rewind of my past two weeks.  Oh my gosh, they were everything categorized as turbulent with a gust of winds blowing me from Fahrenheit’s to freezing.  But it was on my way to town that the classic song by Kurtis Blow, “the breaks” came on.  I am rising along the long winding road in the misty morning and as many times as I have heard this song, this song was like a hallelujah moment.  We are going to past through some roads, tunnels, and bridges that have some unpredicted weather outcomes, but no matter what, as long as you continue to ride or stride, or tread, you will eventually get to the other side.  Through the wind rain, traffic jams, and bumpy road and endless under construction signs that appear, you have to simply allow some trials to roll off your back like a duck as the elders say.  ‘These” as the songs says – are the breaks…  But you got to find the beat and keep moving.  I admit, finding the tempo was a tedium and tireless journey for me past few weeks, but thankfully I can truly admit that these are the breaks. Two of my sista-friends reminded me during one of our interFREINDtions that even though we bend, we actually will not break.  We may feel brittle and feeble and down trodden, but we do arrive to resilience eventually.  It is amazing that even though we spend hard earned dollars to pay expenses for therapy sessions for an enlightening insight of our lives, we sometimes are our own therapist to each other.  Guess that is the blessing in communing in truth.  The facts of life my dear ones, is to simply take all the blends and deal with it and determine your amounts to find balance.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you… Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.


Saga of Secrets


Peace & Grace my precious beings…

So, I got to thinking about Hester Prynne in the classic Scarlett Letter novel.  She was forced to be publicly branded with attire that exposed her secret.  Now, in this free age of living, we carry so much harbored in our memories, souls and very beings. Why some persons probably possess the entire alphabet, if their secrets were released.  But what I’ve come to realize is, we must tread in our own truths, because even though we aren’t visibly branded, those skeletons, closeted in communion are conducting whispered discussions of your truth and unless you bear admittance, you are the one that is ultimately judged and held accountable for.

Love & Blessings to you, you, you and you, Monique “1MOpoeticSOUL” D.